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How to prepare for DSE MA Economics entrance?

How should you preapre for DSE MA economics Entrance Test? One should be clear about 1) Which Option to choose 2) the pattern of the paper, 3) Books to be read 4) Difficulty Level of the questions asked 5) Expecting the unexpected.

Options to choose[1]: There are two options in the paper, Option A and B. Option A is for those, who have graduated with economics/commerce and related backgrounds. Option B is for those who have graduated with Mathematics/ Statistics/Engineering and related Background. Students can opt for either of these irrespective of their Academic backgrounds. For example, Mathematics graduate can still opt for Option A or an Economics Graduate can opt for Option B. But it is advisable, that students should opt for an option according to their respective academic background and comfort level with the subject. Though it is found that Maths people grasp economics fundas quite easily, they could very easily opt for Option A too and get cleared.It is good for them (Maths people opting for Option A) too, as before going to DSE they would have better understanding of the subject. But again, do at your risk :)

Pattern of the paper[2]: For Option A[3], since 2006, 20 questions of one mark and 40 questions of two marks each are asked in the paper. Part A consists of 20 questions and Part B consists of 40 questions as mentioned above. Questions are asked very broadly from four parts, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics and Statistics. It is important to note that there is no clear cut demarcation with respect to subjects in the paper.

Books to be read: Some of the basic books which everyone should read cover to cover are following:
1)Microeconomic Theory :Hal Varian, Intermediate Microeconomics,7e and Rubinfield and Pindyk , Microeconomics
2)Macroeconomic Theory : Dornbusch and Fisher, Macroeconomics,6e and Mankiw, Macroeconomics,6e
3)Mathematics : RGD Allen, Mathematical Analysis for Economics , AC Chiang, Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics , Sydsaeter and Hammond, Mathematics for Economic analysis
4)Statistics : Nagar and Das, Basic Statistics, SC Gupta

Difficulty Level of the questions asked: Every aspirant should be clear that DSE would require high mathematical aptitude, applied to economic models. You should not only be able to apply mathematics but also an economic intuition, without which success is not ensured. For example, everyone knows how to calculate Cournot Nash Equilibrium, but is it Pareto efficient with respect to merger of two firms? Are Government Bonds assets or liabilities, justify your answer in both cases. Remember, professors will go one level deeper in every concept they want to test. So prepare smartly! Only understanding of concepts is not sufficient, you should have done tons of applications pertaining to each concept, then you can clear this exam.

Expecting the Unexpected: Do not expect the expected. Do not form any expectations about the paper, do not think that there will not be any subjective questions, there can be. Do not expect that there will always equal weightage for every subject, there can be skewed distribution of questions pertaining to every subject. Take every possibility. It is possible that paper would be so so so easy that cut off goes more than 95% and there is a possibility that paper would be so tough that cut off touches barely 40%.

Who are we? We are the group of Delhi School of Economics Alumni, who are conducting classes for DSE 2009 Entrance. If you are planning to get a high level coaching, application based advanced level stuff then your search ends here. Since very less time is remaining in the DSE 2009 Entrance, we want to provide you with highest and finest coaching, giving you a sense of right direction towards your preparation. In the class, we would be doing Applications, Applications and Applications!!!!. Remember we have gone through DSE, we know it all, what it takes to get in to DSE !!!!

[1] Read the prospectus for any details. These things are subject to change.
[2] Subject to change as per Admission committee

[3] We would discuss Option A only

Contact us : Nishant Mehra (9999886629) and Vidhi Pant (9873903314)
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  1. hey i am in 2nd year now (eco hons). Which is da appropriate time to start coaching for d skool entrance?

  2. Hi, you should start preparing from your third year onwards

  3. Hye I am in Lucknow and I am currently pursuing a BA, now in my third year and I have economics and psychology as my subjects, In my first year I have done MicroEconomics and Indian Economy, In my Second Year International Trade, Public Finance and Banking And now in the third year I have papers that are History Of economic Thought, Less Developed Economies and Mathematics and Statistics in Economics! It's basically been more theoretical based . . Suggest me how to prepare? Material? Guidance.. and All that is required? What are the other fall back options, that are good too !! How about IGIDR Mumbai ? Gokhale Pune , MSE- Chennai, Jamia and JNU Delhi ?

  4. hey i am currently pursuing my BE(computer science).Do you provide coaching for option B?And how should I start preparing for it? I know maths and a bit of statistics but economics part is absolutely untouched. Please help me out. Thank you.

  5. apart from dse how many reputed institutes provide world class higher education in economics

  6. Hello,I am doing B.A(1st year now)tell me which books I shoud prefer at the first stage (I am from P.C.M background) and how to start...

  7. i am doing b.sc hons n economics and am now n 2nd year.im studying in Calcutta university so from where can i get d coaching over there

  8. hi i am working so i took up ma economics from ignou. but i am clueless now as i have to study on my own. can u suggest some good books for MA economics. also can you tell me after the programme will i be eligible for IES exam?

  9. myself anand vijay ,
    i am bba ( finance) graduate from bit mesra, ranchi. presently pursing cs( icsi) executive programme. and , like to do m.a ( economics) from dse .. plz help me out. about following =
    1. syllabus of entrance . test paper of previous year
    2. do bba graduate allow for ma cousre fro dse and jnu too.
    3. what u fee structure for gudiance .and when u batch start in jan .
    4. call me 09334075574,

  10. Hey Guys, sorry for a late reply.

    For all those who are not in Delhi, you can enroll in our online courses. Visit www.ecopoint.in

    For any queries, you guys can call us (Since it is bit difficult to write too much here.. :) )

    Nishant 9999886629

    Vidhi 9873903314

    Suresh 989048237

    or you can mail us at ecopoint.dse@gmail.com or info@ecopoint.in


  11. i am a 2nd year B.Com (P) student.. from when should i start coaching?

  12. Can you please tell me if there are any good entrance coaching centres in mumbai?

  13. I'm doing engineering(electronics & communication) 3rd year in Karnataka... Can you please say me if there are any coaching centers for entrance Exam apart from online ECOPOINT coaching..???????

  14. hi i am a kolkatta based boy looking for any coaching for eco. ent. in kolkatta.

  15. hey
    i am just given my ba hons maths 2nd year papers..wat is d appropriate time for me to take coaching and since i am frm maths backround..will u be teachin economics frm the scratch..but i wud prefer offline coarse..plz help me

  16. hey i'm in 2nd yr. b. com what is the syllabus for m.a. economics entrance & books to be recommended.

  17. how many seats r 4 msc in isi, igidr

  18. @Apurva

    We have upgraded our course alot. I will not be covering Varian to-to, and for that matter any other book. We do not follow any book.

    Yes, we will be covering all concepts, it depends you call them basic/ advance. What is required is you should know how to apply it.

    If you are in Delhi, then yes come for an offline course.


    You can have a look at the Handbook of Information at DSE website. Also, there are books mentioned on our website www.ecopoint.in


    ISI : No fixed number of seats
    IGIDR: I think they have taken 30 in Merit list this year

  19. Hi, am currently in my second year eco (hons), DU.
    I would like to know of some good coaching centres for my second year course which would further help me for my DSE entrance!

  20. Hi
    I seek to inquire if any college in Delhi University (other than DSE) has this course.
    Is the admission to this course rank-based or does securing a cutoff in terms of certain absolute marks suffice?
    Is there a group discussion or personal interview round for those clearing the entrance exam?

  21. please give links for online bookks in economics

  22. for following books
    colonial legasy b chandra
    public finance: musgrav

  23. what was the approximate cut off this year?

  24. hey,i am pursuing my bachelor of commerce in bangalore...I am interested in economics n hence thought of m.a in eco...can i do it...??as i had been told by some that it can b done only by students wit similar background.....

  25. hey,shld i take up the coaching for entrance after my b.com....???or can i hav the coaching started.....???

  26. Hi,

    I would like to know average package offered to M.A economics by the companies.?

  27. When is the entrance for DSE 2011 Ma economics?

  28. Hi... M a 1st year studnt at BHU n my sbjct combi is economics mathematics and statistiscs...... Wn shud i strt preparng n is it btr fr me to go fr option A..?

  29. hi i m doyel, a final year student of eco hons from calcutta university, wish to appear for the m.a entrance at dse. can anyone suggest that from where i can get the last few years entrance exam papers????plz suggest me, i need them badly

  30. Can u give any last minute tips for Gokhle exam on this sunday?

  31. Hi i m durgesh from B.A 3rd year i want to take coching for economics, so please suggest me where/ which institution,s best for economics.....? preparing for Jhnu/Du.

  32. i am in the second year of ba(h) economics. and i want to attend the offline course. is it possible for me to attend the classes while i am in second year.

  33. hi, i am abhishek from pune, m an engg grad, can u plz tell me the approx time reqiured for dse entrance prep for engg grads who doen't know anything about economics.

  34. hey
    i want to pursue eco mainly because of the myriad placement opportunities it renders..... but unfortunately i didn't have the sub in 12th......... so will i be able to cope up with the class 11-12 course as well as the semesters(which apparently are injurious to health)??
    Pls help.....

  35. For MA economics coaching in Delhi join DSE institute and crack your entrance exam.

    Contact 9560402898


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