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  1. Hi...I wanted to know which books should I consult for the entrance exam of DSE.And are the papers of its entrance exam available in the market?

  2. hw can i get d q.papers of dse

  3. Poorvi

    You should read Varian, Varian Workbook, Dornbush and Fisher, Hammond and SC Gupta

  4. Arpita,

    You can get dse papers from DSE Photocopy shop

  5. hi... am bcom hons student from srcc...jus completed my 1st year..
    i wanna do ma eco hons from dse..pls tell me abt these things...:

    1. do bcom students hav ne disadvantages if they go for post-grad in eco..?? in entrances or may b while doing ma..

    2. what kinda difficulties m gonna face being not from ba eco hons...?? being not from eco hons seriously makes me feel dat i shud not go for dse entrance..... can i prepare for entrance..??
    do i need to study the whole course of BA...??

    4. regarding maths n stats... i had maths in +1 nd +2 from which buk i shud start now...?? and stats shud b started from S.C. gupta...???

    5. i hav got two years b4 my entrance would be... so cpls tell me in full detail abt preparations and everything...
    and what wud b more beneficial for me... if i take coaching in my 2nd year or in 3rd

    pls reply....

  6. I have the same query as that of mystic. I am a bcom (hons) 1st year student at hansraj and i know I went wrong with my subject selection. I am really desperate about making it to MA economics at DSE. How and from where should I prepare ? I have 3 complete years for now and ready for any extra labour I will have to do.

  7. vikas shukla
    Hello sir am a student and now wanted to clear DSe please help me out.

  8. what is the percentage required for giving ma entrance

  9. i am doing b.a programme(2nd year) from delhi university
    my discipline courses are economics and maths
    i want to know when the new batches will be started and for how many months it is for, and as i am in second year when should i start my coachings from m.a in economics

  10. hello sir,
    I have just completed my first year from eco(h) and have passed into 2nd year. I was told that first year is too early to start with DSE prep and so I waited. Apparently, people tell me that one should not start with M.A. preparations right until 3rd year begins. I am not quite convinced with this. I wish to begin preparing right now, but I do not know where to start. I wish to know your advice on the same. Also, please recommend books to refer for econometrics and microeconomics.

  11. from where can v get d study material pertaining to MA economics entrance test

  12. hello sir i m in final year BA ECO hons . i dont have maths as my subsidiary subject . i want to do ma economics frm dse of jnu. so without having maths am i eligible ?

  13. hi ! i do sell entrance exam notes .. they are about 1800 pages and cover all important stuff from micro macro trix game theory etc .. they are for 2500 :)
    for more details drop me a mail at
    I am currently pursuing masters in economics from DSE


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