Monday, April 6, 2009

Crash Course for DSE 2009 Entrance

Dear MA Economics Aspirant,

If you are planning to get a high level coaching, application based advanced level stuff then your search ends here. We are the group of Delhi School of Economics Alumni, who are conducting classes for DSE 2009 Entrance.

Since very less time is remaining in the DSE 2009 Entrance, we want to provide you with highest and finest coaching, giving you a sense of right direction towards your preparation.

Kindly remember this is an advanced course, our assumption is, that you would have done Varian, Dornbusch and Fisher, Hammond completely, cover to cover. We cannot teach you basics! So be prepared and come to us for that last push!!!!

Though we don’t intend teach you basics, but you can ask your doubts anytime. In the class, we would be doing Applications, Applications and Applications!!!!

There will be two batches, tentative dates are:
1) 4th May 2009 till 1st June 2009 plus Test Series
2) 21st May 2009 till 15th June 2009 plus Test Series

Timings of the course: 9 AM to 12 Noon Everyday (7 Days a week)

Fees: Rs 12,000/- (No installments)

There will be only one trial class.

Main Topics covered

Microeconomics: Consumer Theory, Producer & Cost Theory, Markets, General Equilibrium, and Public Goods and Some other miscellaneous topics

Macroeconomics: Closed Economy (Demand Side and Supply Side), Open Economy, Investment & Consumption Functions, Tobin q and some other miscellaneous topics.

Mathematics: Constrained and Unconstrained Optimization, Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Convexity and Concavity and some other miscellaneous topics

Statistics: Hypothesis Testing, Statistical Distributions, Probability (including Geometric Probability) and some other miscellaneous topics

Registration Starts!!!!

We would be taking limited number of students only, to provide personal attention to whosoever comes to us.

Kindly email us at "" showing your interest, with your academic background and contact number.


Contact us : Nishant Mehra (9999886629), Suresh Kumar (9899048237) and Vidhi Pant (9873903314)

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