Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7th August 2010, Saturday, 10 AM

Registrations: Kindly mail us your registrations at offline@ecopoint.in or ecopoint.dse@gmail.com, with the following information

Name, Address, Course , Marks obtained and Phone number

Course Fee: Rs 15,000/-

18th July 2010 Batch is full and closed


  • More than 75+ Lectures
  • Assignments and Assessments would be monitered online.
  • You will be given a user id and password whereby one can see his assignments and assesments
  • About 100+ Assignments throughout the course
  • Surprize Quizzes
  • Different Test Types would be clustered into
  • Cluster 1: DSE and ISI : 15 Tests each
  • Cluster 2: JNU : 15 Tests each for "MA Pure" and "World Speacialization"
  • Cluster 3: Jamia, MSE, Gokhale, Hyderabad: 15 Tests in all
  • Cluster 4: IGIDR : 15 Tests

Contact us : Nishant Mehra (9999886629) and Vidhi Pant (9873903314)
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