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How to prepare for JNU MA Economics entrance?

How to prepare for JNU (SSS) Entrance

Major change in pattern

Up until last year, SSS was hugely subjective. It included short answers and a dreaded essay question apart from a small bunch of objective types thrown in. This year onwards ( i.e 2010 AD, mark this year in JNU’s Entrance history) there will be a complete objective type exam for this center.

What to expect?

This is a difficult question to answer ! Do the entire course! I am sure this is not what many of you might be expecting to hear, but yes, this is the only key. Focus on the entire course with a sharp eye on the fundamentals. JNU might not dive deeper into mighty lengthy non-sensical algebraic equations, it will focus on fundamentals. By that logic revising your key books in not a horrendous task.

Focus on basics in Micro, Macro, Mathematics

As I have already mentioned, you have to have a thorough comprehension of concepts given in Varian, Rubinfield, Dornbusch and Chiang. If you can solve applications of the level given in these texts then expect it that you can easily sail through this paper. The only problem in JNU paper comes form the fact that, it is not only you, but almost everyone who performs well, there competition becomes more stiff, in terms of number of correct questions. If you made just a single mistake, you might loose a seat!

Solve earlier year papers

Now this is something you cannot loose on. It is the most important part of any exam preparation. Always solve previous years’ papers. This task will put your thinking on the expected path which is required for success. Previous years’ papers indicate the line of thinking of a given school and guys, line of thinking doesn’t change suddenly so you can expect similar questions, No No, similar kind of questions in your paper too.

Get a basic idea of events in Economic History and Indian Economics

This may be the area where other papers may not focus on. But JNU being JNU, they expect you to know some significant events in economic history, say some events of Nationalist movement, Russian Movement and so on. These events you have already done widely in your economic history course, so have an idea of that. Apart from that you must also have an eye on current economic scenario, what is happening on ‘economy-wide’ front in India.

Do some logic kind questions as well…….

Yes, given the trend of earlier years, you must also revise some key concepts in logical aptitude. Well these are type of questions, which you cannot really prepare for, but having some flavor of them before your actual exam may put you straight.

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