Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Microeconomics 2008 paper: Answers/Hints/Solutions to Past year paper/Exam of Delhi School Of Economics (DSE)

This is the fifth series in solutions to Microeconomics questions asked in DSE Past years papers

Microeconomics 2008

Ans 6. (b) U(x,y) = 10{x2+4xy+4y2}=10{x+2y}2 +20

Ans 7. U = min{x+y,2y} Because x=y=3, so consumer chooses on x+y so Px=Py(Think about the missing links here)

Ans 8 (c ) Ans 9 (d) Ans 10 (d) Apply the formula of elasticity of subsitution

Ans 31 (a) (Whole box would be PE. Is it?)

Ans 32 (d) Ans 33 (b) Ans 34 (c) Ans 35 (c)

Ans 36. (a) xR*y, yR*z,zR*x. Cyclical Preferences so WARP is violated

Ans 37 (c ) Derive k=5/1+(5-e)2 and e=(10/F)1/2

Ans 38 (d) Derive 2k2e+2eF2=10k2 or e=5k2/F2+k2

Ans 39 (c ) Derive dπ/de=2k2(5-e)-t=0 or t=10k2+F2/k2+F2

Ans 40 Do yourself

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