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Analysis of ISI Paper 2004.

MS(QE) of Indian Statistical Institute is one of the most prestigious course in Economics Arena. The course is highly mathematical, and that is its beauty. The entrance exam for ISI, MS(QE) also is highly mathematically intensive but interseting and challenging enough.

We are the group of DSE Alumni, giving coaching for MA Economics Entrance for DSE, ISI and JNU. Here in series of posts to follow, we would be analyzing the past exams. These are only indicative hints, not even solutions to the questions. For further clarifications you can call us at the numbers mentioned below.

Here, we would discuss in brief what has been asked in ISI Past years' papers. I am only analyzing 'Economics' part of the paper right now, for 'Mathematics' part, discussion would be done later on taking all the years together.For some questions I would write "dont dare to ask", since they would be very very easy to solve.

Before the analysis, some piece of advice.

Good thing about ISI is, that they never ask you anything beyond what they have defined as their syllabus. The level of questions is higher no doubt, but doable.

My advice to all the aspirants is, please dont loose hope. If you, while doing the paper, are not able to solve something, some concept goes out of the mind, then even dont panic and do something. They want to know your line of thinking, your economic intution.

Dont sit with an attitude that this paper is bigger than life !

Just sit for complete time there, apply your mind, forget about the results, beware of the games which mind plays with you, just crack the paper there itself, with full concentration,

Write whatever comes to your mind as a logical solution to a problem, dont give up at all.

ISI professors (Gods), want to judge your mental stamina, how much you can think. Believe me all of you, have a chance to win, just dont give up before the bell rings..

ISI 2004-Economics Part (http://www.isical.ac.in/~deanweb/syllsqmsqe2k4(mod).pdf) Copy it

Ques 1. Part 1. Very simple. Find out optimal bundle in Perfect subsitutes and apply formula for own price elasticity.

Part 2. Form two equations and find out x

Part 3. Production function in min form then cost function would be in Perfect subsitutes form

Part 4. Dont dare to ask !!

Part 5. Derivate the C + I + G =Y equation and get the solution

Part 6. XII Class level question

Ques 2. Part 1 & 2, Dont dare to ask

Part 3. Apply the definition of homethetic prefernces in all kinds of utility functions and then see

Ques 3. One of the firm will go out of market because of incidence of fixed cost. Find out

Ques 4. Simple Macro

Ques 5. Part 1. Budget line: Xe^2 + Xo = 2(I-R)

Part 2. {Xe,Xo} = {1,1/2}

Part 3. I - 1/2 -Xo

Ques 6. Even if income incraeses then consumption will not incraese after a certain point. Why?

Ques 7. They have told you what Laffer curve is and how it is drawn. Just use Implicit Function, to solve this

You can call us for further clarifications. All the best !!

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  1. 2004 question number 30

    Dear Sir,

    I am not able to work it out. Please help

  2. your solution in question5 part1 is wrong

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